Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Blogspot is a new world to me

This is my first time using blogspot, yesterday when I was a WordPress user. Some of the reasons why I moved the background for the prow of a blogger's WordPress to become a blogger's blogspot.
Some underlying reasons for this, namely because of the unavailability of personal hosting. It also provides a means for WordPress blogs like blogspot, but there is also another reason why I do not use that service. Curious, that's a very strong reason for me. During the familiar world of the Internet, I am not at all feel what it is blogspot.
Something new for me, it's not easy for me. I must learn what are the facilities that exist and how to use it optimally. And I know all of this requires a long process, but to keep trying I'm sure someday I can use it.
Last night it felt even this can not be sleepy eyes, a very strong curiosity continues to haunt so that I could not help me keepto try . Maybe eventually I gave up for today because of tired and finally I write this post to simply pour a new experience I have to face. Well welcome to the world blogspot.

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